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Even If You Don't Tweet, Your "Anonymous" Web Behavior Can Be Linked To Your Twitter

As you browse the internet, online advertisers track nearly every site you visit, amassing a trove of information on your habits and…
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Facebook says it will open up for independent ad audit

Following multiple admissions last year that it had been misreporting┬ásome of its ad┬ánumbers, Facebook just announced that it has committed to an…
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I Was Skeptical Of Android Apps On Chromebooks, But Now I'm All-In

Within an hour of setting up Samsung's Chromebook Pro, I was doing things that used to be impossible on these laptops. I…
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The 5 Things That Are Causing Employees To Burn Out

When work culture demands 24/7 availability, it isn't surprising that more employees are feeling burned out. A January 2017 survey by Harris…
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